The London Centre for Executive Excellence (LCEE) is the Executive Education division of the London College of International Business Studies (LCIBS).

  • The LCEE Way – LCEE delivers their programmes through ‘best-in-class’ technology. Many of our lectures and management development sessions are streamed live from London, with in-country experts and facilitators on campus. Delegates are exposed to insights and learning from 3-5 countries.  Offering a unique learning experience that is extended outside of the classroom through the programme Alumni network
  • The LCEE reach - Given LCEE’s geographical locations, we believe that we need to ensure that leaders in our business community, whether those in a corporate environment or entrepreneurially spirited, have the opportunity to develop their skills and business acumen to meet the enormous opportunities that a rapidly changing world presents. This is reflected in our global reach, with a key focus on building competencies across the African continent. 
  • The LCEE experience - With purpose-built, connected campuses in the heart of London and across the African continent, delegates are afforded the opportunity to engage in a unique, exceptional learning experience.  Through a potent mix of lectures, case studies, business simulations, and syndicate group work, as well as exposure to the best practices of African and global leadership, LCEE gives delegates a competitive edge in the short-term application of relevant knowledge, which has long-term strategic value for their organisation. 
  • Faculty – LCEE utilizes leading Faculty on their short, executive programmes who have industry experience on a global scale, across a variety of industries. Our Faculty are encouraged to work closely with business to ensure they remain practically-relevant in the classroom. A number of the LCEE Faculty are well published with award winning titles as an integral part of their ongoing research.


Established against a backdrop of unprecedented economic growth, the Pitman Central College (PCC) was founded by visionary educator, Sir Isaac Pitman, in 1870 in response to a growing need for business-minded leaders.

Designed to bridge the skills gap, the College empowered generations of workers for more than 120 years with the skills and entrepreneurial instincts necessary to drive today’s powerful global economy.

In 1990, however, a new chapter began when the Pitman Central College was acquired by CRT plc who grew the business training college into what it is today – a globally respected institution of excellence that is proudly known as the London College of International Business Studies (LCIBS).

The London Centre of Executive Excellence (LCEE) is the Executive Education division for LCIBS, focusing upon a state of the art body of management knowledge, coaching, training and consultancy capability, which is embedded within our unique blend of entrepreneurial, academic and executive education offering.