Business English Programme

Short Courses
Established against a backdrop of unprecedented economic growth, the Pitman Central College (PCC) was founded by visionary educator, Sir Isaac Pitman, in 1870 in response to a growing need for businessminded leaders. Designed to bridge the skills gap, the college empowered generations of workers for more than 120 years with the skills and entrepreneurial instincts necessary to drive today’s powerful global economy. In 1990, however, a new chapter began when PCC was acquired by CRT plc who grew the business training college into what it is today – a globally respected institution of excellence that is proudly known as the London College of International Business Studies (LCIBS).
The London Centre for Executive Excellence (LCEE) is the Executive Education division for LCIBS, focusing upon a state-of-the-art body of management knowledge, coaching, training and consultancy capability, which is embedded within our unique blend of entrepreneurial, academic and executive education offering. As we advance into the future, we’re excited by the opportunity to shape the thinking of a new generation of global business leaders.
This course aims to provide participants with essential English language skills, so they can 1) manage and actively participate in meetings; 2) engage in telephone conversations with English speakers; 3) give clear and compelling presentations and project updates; 4) negotiate with English-speaking clients and customers and 5) write important business emails and documents. In this highly interactive course, participants will acquire an understanding of crucial business vocabulary and related grammar structures through group work, practical exercises and simulated discussions. The aim of this course is to cultivate participants’ general comprehension of Business English and to provide them with practical language strategies, which they can use to communicate effectively in a variety of important business contexts.
  • Provide performance reviews, project updates and future economic projections
  • Ask and answer business-related questions on the telephone or face to face
  • Manage and participate in business meetings and conference calls
  • Give effective presentations and explain visual information
  • Write business emails and reports
  • Effectively negotiate and bargain
  • Presenting yourself and your company
  • Essential Business Grammar 1: numbers: dates, times and figures
  • Essential Business Grammar 2: describing increases, decreases and business trends
  • Project Updates: explaining timelines, problems and corrective actions
  • Telephone skills: pronunciation, intonation and interrogative phrases
  • Conference Calls: introductions, discussion management, conclusions and expressions
  • Meetings: setting agendas, giving feedback, expressing agreement and disagreement
  • Presentation skills 1: introducing/explaining/ summarising topics
  • Presentation Skills 2: describing charts, graphs and diagrams
  • Business Writing Skills: emails, reports and memos
  • The Grammar of Negotiation: conditionals and modal verbs
  • The Grammar of Management: obligations and imperatives
This course is ideal for business professionals who wish to improve their business and professional English skills in a commercial context. Typically, you will have at least several years of professional experience and will be well-established in your chosen career. This course will benefit any professional person who needs to develop effective communication skills in English for use in their business life.
  • Middle-level managers
  • Project managers
  • Team leaders
  • Purchasing managers
  • Sales managers
  • Marketing professionals

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Fees: £ 900 GBP

COURSE TYPE: Short Course ?
DURATION: 1 week
DATE: 5-10 August 2018
CAMPUS: London

(FHEQ) Level 4 TEST CertHE Business

Credit Points
Organisational Behaviour 15
Marketing in Action 15
Finance and Accounting 15
Human Resource Management 15
Personal Development Planning (Personal) 15
Simulation for Business Start-up 15
Market Research 15
Public Relations & the media 15
Total level credits 120

Exit award CertHE 120 credits