Conversation 4: The Intrapreneurial Journey

Critical Conversation Series

The London Centre for Executive Excellence (LCEE), in conjunction with the London College of International Business Studies, provides quality-curated, innovative support that speaks to individual management and organisational-development needs.

Curated by Professor Peter Wyer, our Executive Education provision is facilitated through lead-practising entrepreneurs, international intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship thought leaders and world-renowned innovation coaches, advisers and lead academics whose cutting-edge research has been disseminated and applied globally.

These resources and perspectives have been brought to bear in designing, ‘The Crucial Conversation Series’, an opportunity for corporate leaders to engage with world-renowned Executive Education specialists, and explore leading corporate perspectives on innovation and intrapreneurship. Due to the current corporate environment, organisational, structural and intrapreneurial considerations at executive management level have seldom been more involved.

In this context, commonly prescribed interventions have limited utility, and often fail to arrest decline and stimulate growth. Successful businesses and executives must ensure that key organisational characteristics, structures and personnel aspire to maximum efficiency. Join like-minded, growth-inspired corporate leaders for several two-hour sessions that leverage LCEE’s collective experience and expertise, to explore practical best-practice intrapreneurial and innovation imperatives.

Interact with like-minded, high-end corporate leaders as they explore best practise methodologies on:

  • Improving strategic dialogue and engagement
  • Creating positive organisational behaviour change
  • Building high-performance corporate culture

Enter a learning dialogue with our thought-leading experts. Experience our virtual classroom technology, as you participate in debate and discussion, via streaming, across our global network. Join LCEE’s Critical Conversation Series, and find out for yourself why we’re trusted by business leaders across the globe.

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Conversation 4: The Intrapreneurial Journey
LCEE’s Executive Education Practising Professors Cris Beswick and Gareth Bullen will lead Part 4 of the Critical Conversation Series - ‘The Intrapreneurial Journey’. - The potential to build a community of innovative intrapreneurs
- Identifying the core behaviours that create innovation
- The importance of peripheral sight in building an intrapreneurial organisation
- Building an innovative aptitude
- Finding your intrapreneurial champions
- Moving from employee engagement to employee involvement

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COURSE TYPE: Critical Conversation Series ?
DATE: 16 August, 20 September, 18 October, 15 November

(FHEQ) Level 4 TEST CertHE Business

Credit Points
Organisational Behaviour 15
Marketing in Action 15
Finance and Accounting 15
Human Resource Management 15
Personal Development Planning (Personal) 15
Simulation for Business Start-up 15
Market Research 15
Public Relations & the media 15
Total level credits 120

Exit award CertHE 120 credits