ILM Endorsed Intrapreneurial Leaders Programme

Senior Programmes
Leaders will develop abilities to fully involve their colleagues at strategic and operational levels in a manner which facilitates creative thinking and innovative behaviour and subsequent increases in efficiency, customer service, employee well-being and retention.
This unique leadership development experience offers high impact, two-day workshop-learning from experts in the field and from fellow participants across different industry sectors.
This workshop concludes with a focus on three projects based within the programme participant’s organisation, and four targeted 1:1 coaching sessions to help embed the learning into the workplace.
Cost of the 2-day Workshop, subsequent organisation-based development projects and assessments, together with the associate personal coaching and mentoring: £5,000 per participant
How many programme participants will there be?:
Each programme will include a maximum of 10-12 participants. Our small group orientation enables close interface, interactive development exercises and dialogical learning with and from coparticipants.

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Fees: £ 5,000 GBP

COURSE TYPE: Senior Programmes ?
CAMPUS: London

(FHEQ) Level 4 TEST CertHE Business

Credit Points
Organisational Behaviour 15
Marketing in Action 15
Finance and Accounting 15
Human Resource Management 15
Personal Development Planning (Personal) 15
Simulation for Business Start-up 15
Market Research 15
Public Relations & the media 15
Total level credits 120

Exit award CertHE 120 credits