Strategy for Non-Strategists (1 Day)

Short Courses
This programme is for non-strategists from all disciplines and backgrounds, who want to understand and apply in practice the often confusing concepts of strategy and strategic management. It will draw upon relevant theory and understanding of ‘best strategic management practice’, with focus upon fundamental tools, techniques and approaches utilised by successfully growing businesses. The focus is on helping non-strategists to recognise planned and emergent dimensions of strategy formation and to effectively participate in strategic development processes and activities. The learning approach involves constructively critiquing and applying key strategic management processes, activities and techniques and utilising the learners own organisation and customised strategic development case studies as learning and development vehicles.
  • The key dimensions of strategy: process, content and context
  • Managing unpredictable and unknowable external change situations
  • The uses and limitations of rational long-term planning modes of strategic management
  • Understanding effective ‘best’ strategic management practice in large companies and entrepreneurial small businesses
  • Achieving sustainable strategic positioning
  • Developing an innovative analytical framework for effective strategic assessment
  • Fostering strategic learning ability throughout the organisation
  • Building ‘strategic awareness’ capability
  • Grounding strategic management theory and concepts in understanding of business development practice
  • Non-strategists wanting to make insightful contributions to strategy
  • Individuals wanting to critique and provide
  • constructive feedback in strategy processes
  • Managers and functional specialists advocating particular strategic choices within the organisation
  • Managers and functional specialists implementing strategic goals
  • Business unit heads transitioning from operational to strategic roles
  • Individuals needing a solid foundation in key strategy concepts and metrics
  • Develop a state-of-the-art understanding of strategic management and strategy development
  • Build strategic learning and strategic awareness capability as a key source of company competitive advantage
  • Develop innovative tools and analytical frames for application in your business
  • Nurture creative thinking and innovation as underpinnings to sustainable strategic development
  • Identify relevant strategic management concepts and theory to inform your business practice

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Fees: $250 (R3600) Preferential pricing given to more than 3 bookings

COURSE TYPE: Short Course ?
DATE: 26 September 2018 or
25 November 2018
CAMPUS: Durban, Gaborone, Cape Town, London, Accra

(FHEQ) Level 4 TEST CertHE Business

Credit Points
Organisational Behaviour 15
Marketing in Action 15
Finance and Accounting 15
Human Resource Management 15
Personal Development Planning (Personal) 15
Simulation for Business Start-up 15
Market Research 15
Public Relations & the media 15
Total level credits 120

Exit award CertHE 120 credits